Riga XL 5 (14 x 16)


This is for the Riga XL 5 Greenhouse kit.   This is a professional greenhouse that is 14′ W x 16′ 5″ L x 9′ 10″ H.  This comes with 4 roof windows, 2 large barn style doors with locks and 16 mm triple wall polycarbonate panels.

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Step 1 - Wheelbarrow Access Plate

19.5″ W x 21″ L (each side) x 1.75″ in the middle

Wheelbarrow Access Plate

Step 2 - Top Shelf Riga XL

Top shelf 10″ wide and 19′ 8″ long.

Top Shelf Riga XL

Step 3 - Bottom Shelf Riga XL

Bottom shelf is 14′ long and 25″ deep.

Bottom Shelf Riga XL

Step 4 - Riga XL 5 Foundation Frame

The base kit used when the Riga greenhouse is assembled directly onto the earth without the use of any concrete or pressure-treated wood foundation. It is made of reinforced aluminum for added durability and ensures that the frame is perfectly square. The lip of the base is actually meant to be placed in the ground, and the base kit is not needed when the greenhouse is already being anchored to a wood or concrete base.

Riga XL 5 Foundation Frame

Step 5 - Assembly Facilitation Kit

The Riga XL Assembly Facilitation Kit contains all the tools and supplies you need for a smooth installation of your Riga XL greenhouse. The kit includes 25′ metric tape, a 10mm socket wrench, a 10 mm open wrench, two 20′ J-hook ratchet straps, four window restraint cables, two tubes of Boss 399 silicone caulk, and a permanent marker.

Assembly Facilitation Kit

Step 6 - Riga XL Drop Down Door Kit

An extra panel can be placed about the door of the Riga so that it drops down by 20 inches. This allows for the greenhouse to be built upon a stem wall (knee wall) foundation. A stem wall provides a solid base to build upon, raises the peak height by 20 inches, and is universally thought to add to the already beautiful aesthetics of the greenhouse.

Riga XL Drop Down Door Kit

Step 7 - Heavy Duty Seed Tray

These polypropylene black seeds trays are made in Germany and are perfect for starting seeds in your greenhouse. They are each 24 inches long x 16 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep.  These fit into the bottom shelf.  YOU MUST HAVE THIS SHELF to use these trays.

Heavy Duty Seed Tray

Step 8 - LED Grow Light

The Illumitex Eclipse GEN2 N Bar LED Grow Light Fixture F3 Spectrum comes either with a 9-foot long power cord or without one so that multiple fixtures can be daisy chained together. Each fixture is 4′ long with 12 LEDS and is designed to be installed between 12 inches and 36 inches above the plant canopy. It features 0-10 volt dimming, is damp-rated and dust-resistant, and has a 5 year warranty. The fixture with the plug can be daisy chained and the fixture without a plug includes a 2-foot long cord for daisy chaining.

With Power Cord

No plug - to be daisy chained

Step 9 - Misting System

The misting system offers a convenient way to keep your plants hydrated while lowering the inside temperature of your greenhouse on hot days. The standard system is 14′ long and will work for a 20′ section of greenhouse, though it can be cut down for use in smaller greenhouses. the kit includes 5 misters and ships in 2 pieces with a connector.

Misting System

Step 10 - Plastic Hooks (set of 10)

The moveable plastic hooks come in sets of ten. These snap into the aluminum frame profile and are used for helping orient growing plants such as tomatoes or string beans.

Plastic Hooks (set of 10)

Step 11 - Big Red Heater

This electric heater generates 13,000 BTU using a 220V connection and is sufficient to keep the Riga heated on cold days.

Big Red Heater

Step 12 - Exhaust Vent

This ventilation system uses a 20 inch exhaust fan with a thermostat to help keep your greenhouse properly ventilated on warm days. The exhaust vent runs on a 110V connection at 3400 CFM and the single speed thermostat runs on either 115V or 230V at 10 amps and 60 hertz.

12" Exhaust Fan

16" Exhaust Fan

20" Exhaust Fan

Step 13 - In-take Shutter Fan

Intake Shutter Vent (for use with Exhaust Fan) allows controlled airflow through greenhouse.

16" In-take Fan

20" In-take Fan

24" In-take Fan


Step 14 - Solar Light

The solar light includes an external solar panel and battery pack with an internal light system to provide plenty of light for working in your greenhouse at night.

Solar Light

Step 15 - Adjustable Hooks (set of 10)

These are perfect for holding lights or flower baskets and other hanging plants.

Adjustable Hooks (set of 10)

Step 16 - Additional Riga Roof Window

Though this Riga greenhouse already includes a sufficient number of windows, extra roof windows are available to provide even more ventilation. Each window is 40 inches x 24 inches and includes an automatic opener. This opener does not require electricity as it has a special paraffin oil cylinder which expands and contracts based on the temperature. The temperature range on the automatic opener is adjustable.

Additional Riga Roof Window

Step 17 - Riga Auto Window Opener

RIGA Automatic Window Opener with quick release “arm” – allows the opener to be disconnected in adverse weather conditions.

Riga Auto Window Opener

Step 18 - Roof Window Wind Restraint

The roof window restraint system for each window includes two 15 inch stainless steel cables with nuts and bolts. They are recommended for customers who live in high wind areas to help prevent sudden gusts of wind from damaging your roof windows

Roof Window Wind Restraint

Step 19 - Sash Lock

This Riga greenhouse already includes enough sash-locks to keep the included roof windows and top halves of the Dutch doors completely shut during inclement weather. Extra sash-locks are available if extra roof windows are purchased or if customers want some extra just as backups.

Sash Lock

Step 20 - Milkhouse Heater

  • 1500 watt
  • 110 volt

Milkhouse Heater

Step 21 - Silicone

Tube of Boss 399 silicone caulk


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RIGA XL Greenhouse

The RIGA XL is truly a greenhouse by the European definition of a greenhouse – designed to be used to grow fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers in the middle of winter. Other “greenhouses” using less than 8 mm twin-wall polycarbonate are considered to be Season Extenders, used when only a slight night frost might be expected during the spring or fall season. At best, they can only be used to house established plants during the winter season.

The best in class 16mm triple-wall polycarbonate panels provide maximum insulation value and safety. It is extremely durable and are virtually unbreakable and provide three times the efficiency in terms of heat conductivity of even 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate. Gutters are not needed as the Riga’s unique design naturally diverts water away from the foundation.

The peak height of ten feet allows room for tall plants and growing trees, and there is sufficient interior space for the most avid gardeners. The heavy duty frame is made of reinforced aluminum and the unique “onion” design allows the greenhouse to withstand inclement weather with ease. Nothing short of tornadoes or hurricanes have ever destroyed a Riga Greenhouse.

Riga XL 5

The commercial-grade Riga XL 5 is a beautiful addition to any garden. Its spacious 14 X 16 interior gives you space for anything and anywhere you decide to grow.

The Riga XL 5 includes four roof windows, all of which have automatic openers to help keep the interior well-ventilated and at a comfortable temperature. The lockable, Dutch doors on each end provide easy access and are designed for quick installation.

Despite its large size, the greenhouse can be assembled in as little as a weekend depending on how much help you have. The process can be sped up if the site of assembly is prepared ahead of time by leveling it and installing whatever type of flooring and foundation is preferred.

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Specification and Features:
  • Exterior dimensions: 14′ 2″ W x 16′ 5″ L x 10′ H
  • Color: anodized aluminum
  • Floor space: 231 sq. ft.
  • Roof windows: 4 large 37.5″ W x 39.5″ L vents, all with temperature-adjustable, electricity-free automatic openers
  • 16mm triple-wall polycarbonate panels are UV-protected, have a R-value of 2.5 and K-value of 2.3
  • Heavy duty sloped aluminum frame with a high peak allowing rain and snow to easily run off
  • Frame profiles are thicker than comparably priced structures for added strength
  • Constructed so that the frame profiles are attached to each other in a manner that ensures that they will stay intact even in high winds
  • High ratio of paneling to frame width allows for maximum light transmittance
  • Heavy duty rubber seals are used on all windows, doors, and the top and bottom of the large side glazing panels for complete weather sealing
  • Two strong Dutch doors on each end with wide openings for easy access and maximum ventilation; both doors include keyed handles
  • Door Dimensions: 37.5″ W x 74″ H
  • Tall peak height allows for plenty of working room inside the greenhouse without having to stoop and more room for shelving
  • Beautiful design to fit any garden
  • Includes 4 L-shaped anchor bars which attach to the inside of the frame base profiles to attach the greenhouse to a concrete or wood frame
  • Comes with the Fitment Tool
  • The optional Foundation Frame is recommended when placing the greenhouse directly on the ground.
  • Friendly technical support available from Exaco for installation help 7 days a week

Why Choose RIGA XL?

  • The RIGA XL Greenhouse is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Germany by Hoklartherm, a leading manufacturer of commercial and hobby greenhouses
  • With a combination of strong materials and durable hardware, the RIGA XL Greenhouse is an exceptionally strong greenhouse.
  • The RIGA XL Greenhouse offers more window and door ventilation than other units in its class.
  • The 16mm triple-wall polycarbonate glazing on the RIGA XL Greenhouse is German-made and believed to be of superior quality than the much more common Polygal or GE glazing.
  • One major advantage of the RIGA XL’s construction method is that the frame profiles are permanently attached to each other, and won’t come loose over time due to wind pressures.
  • German engineering – guaranteed top quality!
  • Optional Shelving: Seed tray/Bench shelf and top shelf are available with strong diagonal support braces – can hold a 160 pound man! Twin-wall polycarbonate shelf inserts can be removed to allow for tall plants such as tomatoes or beans or to allow insertion of heavy-duty seed trays. This greenhouse can flex to your gardening needs throughout the year.
  • The RIGA XL Greenhouse is attractive and beautiful to look at – fits well in to an upscale garden setting.
  • Buying a greenhouse is like buying a car, they vary in cost from cheap to very expensive, the RIGA XL is a class similar to a Volkswagen/Volvo – stronger, more durable and better insulated, and offers many more features than the better selling brands.
  • The RIGA XL Greenhouse offers the insulation needed to grow plants year-round – others using less insulation cost too much to heat.
  • RIGA XL Greenhouse units are available in 5 sizes.
  • We recommend you buy one size bigger than you planned.
  • Made in Germany

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