About European-GreenHouses.com

We specialize in European made greenhouses.   Did you know that these are the best made in the Industry?

If you are looking for a high quality GreenHouse that is fully supported,  you have come to the right place.   ALL OF OUR GREENHOUSES INCLUDE A WARRANTY, FREE EXPERIENCED SUPPORT and FREE DELIVERY!

We used to sell greenhouses from all over the World, including:  Europe, China, Israel,  and the United States.  But no longer.  

We have decided to sell ONLY European GreenHouses.  Our Greenhouses come from Germany and Belgium.  Everyone knows that European-GreenHouses are exceptionally made.  The reason is simple:  our GreenHouses are the strongest, longest lasting,  best insulated and most versatile.  

Most customers use our Greenhouses as just that, a greenhouse.  But some customers choose to use them as an add on room, a place for your hot tub, or a workout room.

Check out our website to see the European Models and sizes that we offer.  www.European-GreenHouses.com 

Do you want a greenhouse that can endure all the seasons?  Look  at the durable Riga polycarbonate greenhouses.  The Riga has a wide variety of sizes and options.  Riga options include shelves, seed trays, automatic opening windows, heaters, vent fans and more allowing for customization to fit all of your greenhouse needs.  The Riga has a unique roof design enabling it to withstand heavy snows.

Do you want to create a beautiful retreat, outdoor dining area or traditional English Greenhouse?  If so,  a Victorian glass greenhouse is for you. With automatic window openers, optional shade cloths, louvered window vents and the Victorian roof detail makes this greenhouse an amazing addition to any outdoor area.  Some customers tint the glass panels for more privacy and shade. 

If you need Assistance, please call 1-800-987-4337.