EOS-T Royal Antique Orangerie Greenhouse (13 x 13)


This is for the EOS Royal Antique Victorian greenhouse.  This model is made to be on the ground. This model has a  “T-shaped” design with an entry peak slightly lower than the main room.  The Roof has a dramatic 38º angle. Comes with narrow 4mm tempered glass panels. The size is: 12’10” D x 13’2″ W x 9’8″ H with 6′ side walls. Available in Black or White. Comes with 4 roof windows with 4 automatic openers, 2 louvre vents; and a double hinged door (new design – single sheet of glass)

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EOS-T Royal Antique Orangerie Greenhouse

The EOS Royal Antique Victorian greenhouse is a dramatic addition to the Orangerie selection with a steeper 38º roof slope. The floor plan still maintains the unique T-shape, but narrow 4mm tempered glass panes (14” wide) add to the antique appearance. The design features a new low door threshold for easy entry. Includes 4 roof windows with automatic openers, 2 louvre vents & double hinged full-length glass doors. It will be an elegant addition to any backyard.

This EOS model is designed to be built directly on the ground or concrete pad. Its large 13 X 13 interior gives you space for anything you decide. The lockable, swinging double doors provide an entry that is more than wide enough for even wheelbarrows.

The crystal clear 4mm tempered glass panels provide great insulative value and impeccable aesthetics. Gutters are included to help divert water away from the foundation. Despite its large size, the greenhouse can be assembled in as little as a weekend depending on how much help you have. The process can be sped up if the site of assembly is prepared ahead of time by leveling it and installing whatever type of flooring is preferred.

This Orangerie is the type of premium greenhouse which adds to the value of your home. It can serve multiple purposes and its superior quality ensures that it will stay looking new long after it is assembled. With its durability, attractive design, and spacious interior, the EOS Royal Antique Orangerie Greenhouse is sure to become a showpiece.

Available in Two Different Foundation Configurations:

Regular – EOS T – The Regular model  is designed to be built directly on the ground,, wood deck or concrete pad.  This page is for this item.

Wall – EOS T – The Wall model is specially designed to sit on a 15.75” H wall (customer builds their own wall). It has slightly shorter side-walls and the door drops below the frame to accommodate the wall.

Specifications and Features:

  • Main area dimensions: 13′ 2″ W x 12′ 10″ D x 9′ 8″ H
  • Sidewall height: 6′
  • Frame Color:  White or Black
    • Black Models set to restock in mid-April
    • White Models set to restock in mid-March
  • Designed to be built directly on the ground, wood deck or concrete pad
  • Floor space: 169 sq. ft.
  • Roof vents: 4 (all with automatic openers)Includes 2 louver windows: 28.5″ width x 39″ height
  • Roof has 38° angle
  • 4mm tempered safety glass that is completely clear
  • Vertical glass comes in single 14″ wide pieces for a more seamless look
  • Glass is held in place tightly with rubber seals to prevent heat loss
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame
  • Paint is applied to frame electrostatically for a thicker application and better coverage
  • Designed to withstand inclement weather
  • Aluminum-clad, swinging double doors have almost a 50″ wide opening for easy ingress and have one single sheet of glass each for a cleaner look
  • Low threshold at door for easy entry
  • Tall sidewall height gives plenty of working room inside the greenhouse without having to stoop and more room for shelving
  • Integrated 3″ foundation frame
  • Gutter and downspouts included to divert rainwater away from the foundation
  • Includes condensation gutters on the interior
  • Stainless steel fasteners withstand the elements
  • Includes decorative roof finials which do not have to be installed
  • T.U.V. & GS tested and approved, which is similar to UL testing & listing
  • Beautiful design to fit any garden
  • Friendly technical support available from Exaco for installation help 7 days a week

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