Junior Victorian Glass Greenhouse VI 23 (8 x 10)


Junior Victorian Greenhouse J-VIC 23: 7′ 8″ W x 10’2″ L x 8’2″ H, 5’2″ side walls, 4 mm tempered glass, 1 roof window with auto opener, 1 sliding door, large bottom frame, and gutters with downspouts.  The Frame color is Black.

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Step 1 - Wheelbarrow Access Plate

19.5″ W x 21″ L (each side) x 1.75″ in the middle

Wheelbarrow Access Plate

Step 2 - Additional Roof Window

Additional roof window with glass.

Additional Roof Window

Step 3 - Automatic Opener for Roof Window

The black tube is filled with special parafine oil, which expands when the temperature reaches around 72 degrees and the piston will push the window open to about 14″. When temperature drops window will close, no electricity needed.

Automatic Opener for Roof Window

Step 4 - Spindle Opener

Manual opener that works like a large threaded screw

Spindle Opener

Step 5 - Slat Shelving

The most affordable shelving for Victorian greenhouses comes in 2-slat or 5-flat sizes and in green or black. The 2-slat shelving is 9″ wide x 59″ long and the 5-slat shelving is 21″ wide x 59″ long.`

2-Slat Sheving 9" w x 59" L

5-Slat Shelving 21" W x 59" L

Step 6 - Door Drop Kit

The door drop kit includes brackets, cross bars, and reinforcement bars above the door of the Royal Victorian so that it drops down by up to 36 inches, though 20 inches or 24 inches is most common. This allows for the greenhouse to be built upon a stem wall (knee wall) foundation. A stem wall provides a solid base to build upon, raises the peak height by whatever amount you choose, and is universally thought to add to the already beautiful aesthetics of the greenhouse.

Door Drop Kit

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Junior Victorian Glass Greenhouse VI 23 (8 x 10)

The VI 23 Greenhouse  provides  ideal, year-round, gardening environment while combining Old World Style with modern European engineering and craftsmanship. The elegant black aluminum framework, tempered glass panels; abundant 5’2″ side walls and 8’2″ peak height combine to give you a beautiful greenhouse while providing you with 79 sq ft of comfortable interior work space. Whether you are over-wintering special or valuable plants, starting seedlings or creating a tropical jungle, you can enjoy years of maintenance free use.

The Junior Victorian VI 23 Greenhouse it is 7′ 8″ W x 10′ 2″ L. This Greenhouse provides the optimum environment for gardening year-round while adding a stately presence to any backyard setting. The aluminum framework is large in scale and the tempered glass panels have heavy-duty rubber seals making this a very durable greenhouse. The 5′ 2″ wall height creates a comfortable interior work space and offers you a full view of your surroundings. Whether you are over-wintering special or valuable plants from the cold, starting seedlings, or creating a tropical jungle, you can enjoy years of growing with the Junior Victorian Greenhouse. The base can be anchored to bare level ground, a wood platform or a concrete slab.

Specifications and Features:

  • Size: 7′ 8″ W x 10′ 2″ x 8′ 2″ H
  • Side walls: 5′ 2″
  • 79 sq. ft.
  • 4 mm tempered energy-efficient glass panels, single paned
  • Frame Color:  Black
  • 4″  high foundation frame kit included
  • 1 roof window with automatic window opener
  • 1 sliding door – can be put in any vertical glass location, 28″ wide and 72″ tall
  • Anchor stakes provided
  • Step-by-step assembly instructions and DVD
  • Large gutters with down spouts
  • Made in Belgium
  • Friendly  and free technical support available from Exaco for installation help 7 days a week

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Optional Accessory Package:

  • Wide bottom shelf for the  back wall  – 20″ wide x 7′ 6″ long x 4″ deep
  • Full length shade curtain

Why Buy a Jr Victorian Greenhouse?

  • They have heavier duty “square” hollow tube framing as Royal Victorian greenhouses
  • Uses 4mm tempered glass while other use only 3 mm glass
  • Aluminum Profiles are thicker & stronger than those of most competitors in this price range
  • Glass panels are held in place with substantial rubber seals. Providing better insulation. Others use only metal clips
  • All glass panels are a single piece – no overlapping glass. Providing better insulation. Looks much nicer
  • 4” high foundation frame included
  • Shoulders with large gutters are 5 feet high
  • One sliding door – can be installed on gable ends
  • T.U.V. & GS tested and approved (similar to UL testing & listing)
    Includes: large gutters with down spouts
  • Bottom-line: The Junior Victorian & Junior Orangerie greenhouses are better quality, more attractive and better insulated than other glass greenhouses in their price range




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